"The positive message underlying each of these five songs isn’t Pollyanna cheerleading for an idealistic world; it’s full of hard won wisdom and an ultimate, unshakable sense of life’s value. Reverist is clearly pursuing songwriting and a musical future of dreaming onward – their songs are infectious musical fun filled with the love, fires, and furies of our everyday lives. This is a band far too big for the limited borders of Orlando or any other city in the United States. The vision evidenced on Dreaming Onward cuts across lines and deserves its moment on the global stage."

--Lydia Hillenberg, Music Existence

"Dreaming Onward is an extremely well produced EP with radio ready songs. I wouldn’t be all that surprised to hear one of these songs on the FM dial."

"Machinery” is another success. This song has a carefree dance vibe not too far off from a band like Passion Pit or Cut Copy. The synths during the verse feel playful as the kick drum keeps the momentum going. “About the Past” utilizes more huge sound synths, catchy vocal melodies and palatable textures and tones."

--Ted Rogen, Divide and Conquer

"Music fans that normally dislike synthesizers and keyboards playing a prominent role will be converted by how Reverist uses them here and the songwriting shows undeniable potential. " 

--Shannon Cowden, Indie Music Reviews

"Their incredibly likeable piano-propelled indie pop is aloft with soaring melodies and sweeping electronic sheen."


"...as this performance proved, their music can lift a room and get the bodies moving."


--Bao Le-Huu, Orlando Weekly

"I can definitely see myself hearing this song on the radio in the near future as something I would willingly listen to on a regular basis next to Florence and the Machine or Coldplay on my playlists."

--ReverbNation Crowd Review of "Superhero"